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Sexy Beasts trailer reveals new Netflix dating show, and you kinda just have to see it

You couldn't make it up. Except that's exactly what they've done.

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I could try to explain Netflix's dating series Sexy Beasts, but it's probably better if you just watch the trailer, OK?

Sexy Beasts is a reality show in which singletons go on dates to meet their soulmate. But to make sure they're focusing on personality rather than looks, the twist is that both lovelorn singles are decked out in high-quality prosthetics to look like colorful animals, aliens and, um, possibly sea creatures?

Sexy Beasts began life as a British series on the BBC in 2014, and the Masked Singer-style format is getting a new lease on life on streaming service Netflix. It depicts disguised dates taking place in the UK and US, filmed late last year during the COVID-19 pandemic.