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Video Tutorials

How to create: New Levels. Jelly

How to create: Levels with teleports

How to create levels with the directions.

Sweet Sugar
 Match 3 is a great puzzle complete project in the genre of classic match-3 games, with many goals and obstacles. Super customizable and easy to use. After the purchase, you will have a project of the highest quality with a perfect support from our Candy Smith Team.

We took into account all the previous mistakes of our old engines and added all the best ideas in the new engine.

Easy for a reskin? YES!
Now you don’t need to change a lot of similar arts in different places into the project. Just change one art in Textures_png folder, and this picture is replaced in all places of the project, where it should be located.

Easy for customization? YES!
We made for you super easy customization system. You can create a new game items by one click.

The project easy for use, don’t require a programmer skills.

Let’s try!



1.4 Added Big target – Marshmallow block. It takes 2*3 cells is the goal of the task.

1.3: Added Localization tool! Now you can localize the game to any language. 

✔ Ready for PUBLISH!
✔ Optimized for Mobile
✔ Full Complete Project + Mini Game
✔ No need programmer skills!
✔ Create EASYEARN quickly!


✔ Full Complete Match-3 Project

✔ Doesn’t require any programmer skills!

✔ Ready for Publishing

✔ Optimized for Mobile

✔ Mini Game (Bonus Spin)

✔ Daily Rewards

✔ Dynamic Reskin System

✔ 6 colorful game items + 6 types for each item (stripe, package and marmalade)

✔ Gravity system (set the directions to the movement of items on a game field)

✔ System of creating several game fields for one level

✔ Extended Level EDITOR
• Scrollable sub-level changing
• Adding new target from editor
• Different directions (items flow can move up,down,left,right)
• Custom enter points (items flow enter cell)
• Falling speed chaning by curve
• Teleport cell


✔ Unity IAP’s purchases (boosters):
• 5 Moves
• 30 Seconds
• Choco Bomb
• Magic Wand
• Hand Mover
• Multicolor Bomb
• Sprite Items
• Marmalade

✔ Two type of Orientation:
• Vertical
• Horizontal

✔ Many game obstacles:
• Box
• Cookies (3 levels)
• Thriving Chocolate
• Choco Spiral
• Teleports
• Unbreakable Block

✔ Many Game Goals:
• Spread the Jelly to the game fields
• Collect different game items
• Collect the ingredients (milk and cherry)
• Collect Sugar Blocks (2 levels)
• Complete a goal in time

✔ Ads Monetization:
• Appodeal (Unity Ads, Admob, Rewarded ads and over 60 ad demand sources…)

✔ Dynamic game tutorials:
• Visual
• Tabs

✔ Life Shop
• For the coins
• Watch the video ad

✔ Rewarded video

✔ Coins Shop

✔ Booster Shop

✔ Lead border

✔ Friends on a map

✔ Fantastic Visual Effects

✔ Great sound Effects

✔ Many Combos

✔ Clean and Flexible Source Code

✔ SUPER Easy for Reskin

✔ 100 tested levels

✔ Professional Design

✔ Localized Price

✔ Great Support

Those features provides you the best opportunities!

* Save a time
* Don’t need a programming skills
* Unique level design
* Easy for reskin
* Clear documentation
* Easy for improvement

If you buy this Asset you will receive:

– Hight Quality asset
– Really Fast support
– Best Match 3 games

You don’t need to hire a programmer to insert advertising network. We did it for you!

We work a lot on the project, that you get a quality product. That allows you to earn good money. If you find a bug or have some suggestions please contact us.

Asset constantly developing. You can be sure about the quality of the product and quick support. We are always happy to help you understand the project and give recommendations for further development.

Recommended Unity 2018 or higher.

Please leave your rating for this Asset. We are really appreciate it!

Thank you!

How to reskin

Reskin is easy. Just:

  1. Open a project
  2. Go to Assets → Textures_png
  3. For reskin, you should to change all arts in all folders into Textures_png Folder. 

EXAMPLE, open Textures _png Folder –> Items (folder includes all items and blocks images in the project). Replace your arts in Textures_png –> Items to reskin all images in this Folder. Do the same for all folders inside the Textures_png.

If you will have more questions about a reskin, please don’t hesitate to ask us in comment area to the project.


1.6:ADDED:– Boost can destroy SolidBlock directly– Multicolor can be destroyed by boost bomb (optional)– Option to switch sub level if no match– Spawner can throw ingrerients FIXED:– Minor bugs– Some fixes that affect the mechanics can be enabled in SweetSugar->Settings->Additional settings UPDATED:– Up to Unity 2021.3.8f1– Unity Ads and Unity Purchasing 

1.5.1 Fixed: null reference in PostImporting

1.5:Added: Separator borderlineAdded: DispenserAdded: Choco items generatorAdded: Switch fixes (you can disable further fixes for your balancing purposes)Fixed some bugs 


Added: Big target covered by other blocks (marshmallow)

Added: Target editor, you can mix different targets or create new

Added: Layers in level editor Added: “Tap to skip” win animations

Added: Static map like in Toon Blast

Added: Admob rewarded ads

Added: reward coins after win (optional)

Added: Spawn amount of ingredient at the same time (set in prefab)

Added: AI loop playing for testing (debug settings) Fixed: 2019.3.12f1+ editor crash after item switch bypassed

Fixed: bombs not switching

Fixed: level 50 design issue

Fixed: boost window localization issue

Fixed: thriving block don’t spread issue

Improvement: teleport arrows in the editor

Updated to Unity 2020.1.3f1

Added: Static map like in Toon Blast
Fixed: 2019.3.12f1+ editor crash bypassed
Fixed: bombs not switching
Fixed: level 50 design issue
Fixed: boost window localization issue
Fixed: thriving block don’t spread issue
Improvement: teleport arrows in the editor


Fixed: Time bomb fail and win issue
Fixed: 2×2 combination appears on start
Fixed: some marmalade and jelly issues
Fixed: marmalade doesn’t destroy square after appearing
Fixed: marmalade doesn’t turn to another bonus after combining
Improved: marmalade select blocks as a destination
Disabled: Level mask disabled for optimization reason
Fixed: Playfab compilation error

Added: tutorial selector for a level
Fixed: the spin button doesn’t work after pay
Fixed: 18:9 devices rotation issue
Fixed: some editor issues
Fixed: level 79 null reference

Added: Localization tool
Added: Code comments and API documentation


Fixed lock-up situations.

Fixed: some bonus items not counted as the target

Fixed: package explosion animation
Fixed: game stuck sometimes after marmalade combines with package
Fixed: some marmalades issues


Time server URL updated

Fixed: some item animations

Fixed: Rate menu

New: levels are have their own files now. If you changed levels go to Game editor->Settings->re-generate separate levels
Improvement: Multicolor item now can be exploded by a bonus item and on level ending
Fixed: 101 level issue
Fixed: minor bugs

Added: New feature – Bonus item for timer levels. Combine with items of the same color to get more (+5) seconds
Changed: timer UI design and sound effect
Changed: design of 7 level (target)
Changed: design of 8 level (target for demo of new feature)


Added: New feature – time bomb (combine this item with the bubbles the same color to destroy before the counter reaches 0.)

Changed: design of level 5 (for the time bombs demo)

Added: Border around the gamefield Improved: multicolor bomb. Now it activates after complete at the level and destroys random color items.

Debug settings – added hotkeys settings

Added: possibility to set certain items at a particular level


1.07: Fixed: ads and rewarded ads

(Use Assets->Import package to import update)


Fixed: multicolor switches with spiral
Fixed: Server timer if no internet
Fixed: buttons size decreased in landscape orientation
Fixed: Prices in shop scaling automatically
Fixed: regen items
Package animation optimized

Added: Unity Ads, Admob, Chartboost
Changed: Level 1 and 14
Some animations improved
Fixed minor bugs

Fixed: Sugar square not destroy sometimes if not item above

Fixed: define symbols collide with some other plugins
Fixed: teleport mask issue
Fixed: Level 53, ingredients not count
Added: Getting current time from server. Anti date changing cheat
Added: privacy policy button to the main menu
Changed documentation links

Added: Open all levels in editor
Fixed: Pre failed buy button not working
Fixed: spiral item wrong position 

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

14 days Money back guarantee policy
Category Puzzle
Platforms iOS 9.3, iOS 10, iOS 11, Android 5.0, Android 6.0, Unity 2018
Frameworks Unity
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